ExpiredPoker Golf Championship

Your last chance to play the course prior to the New Zealand Open. This is a strictly members only day – no guests!

In addition to playing a normal stableford round you have the opportunity to earn extra stableford points with our poker chips.

Each group has a set of 8 chips. There are 4 negative chips and 4 positive chips. The chips are distributed between players according to what happens on each hole. For example…..

The first person to hit their ball into the tussocks receives the tussock chip and keeps it until someone else hits their ball into the tussocks. If you are left holding the tussock chip at the end of the round you will need to deduct 2 stableford points from your score. The same goes for the positive chips, if you are lucky enough to be left holding the 3 stableford chip at the end of the round you get to add 3 stableford points to your score.

The chips are assigned stableford values as follows…

Negative Chips                             Positive Chips

Tussock            -2                                 1 Putt               +2
Wipe (no points) -2                                 3 Stableford     +2
Sand                -3                                 4 Stableford     +3
3 Putt               -3                                 Wildcard*        +3

*The wildcard chip is given to the person who is nearest the pin on a par 3. If no one hits the green in regulation no one gets the chip!

  • February 23, 2020
    11:00 am - 5:00 pm
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